Summer Holiday Lunches 2017

The holiday lunch programme was initiated to reach out to families whose children would normally be on free school meals and who would experience difficulty adjusting to increased food costs in school holidays.  We also recognise that some families who do not receive free school meals may experience some of the same issues. We aim to extend the programme to all families who identify themselves as finding the school holiday periods financially challenging.

Holiday Lunches are a great way to meet other families and to tap into services on offer at community centres.

To keep the lunches free and fun for those that attend, we ask that families attending support the volunteers with setting up, clearing away and getting involved with the activities on offer. If we all muck in, we’ll all have a great time.

As we do not ask families to book, it can be a challenge to know how many people to cater for; with this in mind we follow a few simple rules:

  1. Children are fed first
  2. We try to ensure everyone can have something to eat but on occasion we may run out or have smaller portions if the event is very busy
  3. Be patient, everyone who helps to make these lunches happen is a volunteer and is doing their best to help make the event run smoothly
  4.  We all appreciate the simple things in life; a smile, a thank-you and some help cleaning up
holiday lunches Summer 17 north of the city

Lunches in the North of the City


Holiday lunches Template Ross Street


What a Fantastic Half Term for the Holiday Lunches!!!!

Holiday Lunches were served at 8 venues across the city and amazingly served over 460 lunches.  The Chypps Team provided free activities at various venues, other venues provided film shows and arts and crafts.  During the Easter Holiday Lunches are going to be setting up a new venue in Coleridge more information coming soon.

October Half Term Lunches Across the City

Families enjoyed the

Holiday  lunches.

We had a fantastic turn out for the October Half Term lunches feeding over 300 people.  Families came together to enjoy arts and crafts and delicious lunches.  The Mayor managed to attend most of the lunches and had a chance to chat to the families. hl-2

 Buchan Street Families enjoyed Pasta Bolognaise cheese tomato flan, potatoes, Salad, Bread and Butter and home made Cakes.