Combatting Holiday Hunger 

In 2015, a collective of churches and community centres in Cambridge set up a series of free lunch events for families who may be facing holiday hunger.Now, in 2016, we’re spreading the word and increasing the number of free lunches on offer across the city.

How does it work? 

There is no need to book, families can just turn up on the day. Events usually last about 2 hours and start with a craft, some games or family movie, followed by a hot meal. Children and their families are fed a 2 course hot meal, freshly prepared by the staff and volunteers in the community centre, school kitchen or church hall.

All events are free. We believe this is important. We know that school holidays can be a struggle, especially for anyone who normally has free school meals. It can be a challenge to find things to do, keep the children entertained without going over budget. Holiday lunches can help.

Click here to find your local holiday lunch event in Cambridge

Holiday Lunch events are staffed by workers and volunteers who work in your local community. If you’ like to know more about what’s on at the community centres for local families, do ask a staff member.

Want to help? 

These events rely heavily on volunteers from the local community, Cambridge City Council and local businesses. If you would like to volunteer or to fine out how you can help, please contact the event organiser for your local event.


Who’s involved?


logosIn 2014, research from YouGov estimated that one in eight pupils (13 per cent) is not getting enough to eat in the school holidays. This is according to teachers who are worried by changes in pupils, such as weight loss, when they return to school in the new term.With high cost childcare, entertainment costs and ever increasing living costs, feeding children on a budget, especially in school holidays can be a struggle.

Cambridge City Council’s anti-poverty strategy links closely with these community based initiatives. Click here to find out more about how Cambridge City Council are helping reduce the impacts of poverty in Cambridge.





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